Sewing room inspo

I decided to upgrade my sewing room / workspace with some new furniture, namely a cabinet for storing primarily fabrics (since somehow no matter how much I sew, the amount of fabrics seem to be growing?!). 

Let me show you my room! I truly love it and love spending time here. There is still improvement potential but I feel very lucky to be able to work in this room.

I've got a sewing desk (to the left), computer desk (to the right), as well as a cutting table and lots of storage for patterns and fabrics.

Here's the newest addition, the cabinet next to my sewing desk. Love that it has windows so I can see the fabrics, although I realize this means I need to keep it in order :)

I mostly sew with these three machines, a coverstitch, an overlocker and a sewing machine.

From left to right: a Janome Coverpro 2000 CPX; a Babylock Acclaim; and a Janome Skyline S5.

Love to have my most commonly used tools close by! Like threads, scissors, clips, pins, needles, textile markers, glue markers, different types of rulers and so on... The pegboard is from IKEA, called SKÅDIS.

I also decided to buy more of these see-through boxes to store the threads in. This is excellent since it keeps them from getting dusty. But I still can see them clearly. I also store some larger thread cones in a drawer.


So how do I store my patterns? The patterns that are for sale are stored in plastic boxes (pattern sheets) and magazine holders (tutorials), but the ones that I use myself are kept on a shelf. I've got tutorials and pattern sheets in a magazine holder.

And everytime I've traced a size from a certain pattern, on non-woven tracing paper, I put those pattern pieces in a plastic pocket and keep them in a folder. So that whenever I decide to sew a pattern again, I can easily go back to it and see if I've already traced the size I want.


How about my "computer corner"? Here it is! Quite simple I guess, but it's never this clean to be honest. It's usually filled with papers and notes where I've scribbled measurements and such :)

I love to put up drawings from my daughters. The black grid is from So there you go, not everything in my sewing room is from IKEA ;) 

From the same store I also found this magazine holder which I think is pretty perfect for our tutorials.

I use a textile laundry bag to store rolls of PDF patterns, non-woven tracing paper, and interfacing.


Last but not least, I currently keep my ironing board next to the cutting table, but honestly the ironing board keeps moving around in the room. Mostly it's folded out but at the moment leaning towards the wall.


Thanks for checking out my sewing room / workspace! I'll leave you with a picture taken by my 7-year old. Here's me, wearing an Emma dress and holding a bunch of our patterns.

Love, Caroline



  • Hej! Vad är det för mått på ditt sybord?

  • Hi Kelly! Yes exactly, it’s 3 Kallaxes :) I just put wheels underneath which added about 10 cm height. It’s a bit too low though. I’m planning to add some kind of top layer and create a space between the Kallaxes and the top layer so I can store my cutting mat there.

    Caroline - Threads by Caroline
  • Hi Janneke! Yes, it sure it :) I press a lot and often when I sew so the iron is one of my most used sewing tools :)

    Caroline - Threads by Caroline
  • Your cutting table, three kallax cabinets? How high did you make these? I’m in serious need of a cutting table…

  • Love to read that your ironing board is also almost always folded out! And also love your sewing room, it’s so bright!


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