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Minimum order: 3 pieces of each pattern you want to buy. Retailers can choose to stock all patterns or just some.  

Place your order via email: We will contact you with an order confirmation showing total price incl. shipping. We ask you to confirm your order and after that we'll ship your order and send your invoice. 

Payment is done via the invoice, expiration date 30 days after shipment.  

If you wish to use your own shipping supplier, please notify us via e-mail. 

Patterns that are in stock will be sent within 1-4 working days. If you place a larger order and we need to reprint then we can usually ship within 3-4 weeks. Please contact us if you want to enquire about our status. 

Images and texts for each pattern

Here you go! You are welcome to use these pictures and texts in your webshop.
Click the pattern's name and you'll download a zip-file containing pictures and texts for that pattern.