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Separating zipper (plastic)

Separating zipper (plastic)

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Separating (open-end) zipper from quality brand YKK. Available in several colors and lengths.

Width (teeth): 6 mm.
: Plastic.
Wash instructions: 60 degrees.

Are you purchasing a zipper for our jacket pattern Wilma & Wide? Have a look at the materials requirements chart to see how long zipper you need. We recommend you to buy one that is around 5 cm (2") longer than the chart shows, since the fabric may stretch when you're working with it. It's easy to shorten a separating zipper and in the Wilma & Wide tutorial we show you how to do it.

(Remember you'll also need 2 extra zipper stops if you're shortening your zipper. You can for example re-use zipper stops from old jeans, or find them in sewing accessories shops. The zipper stops prevent the slider from going out of the chain).