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Alice top and dress tester pics

It's time to show you some of all the beautiful Alice tops and dresses that were sewn during the test phase of Alice. The testers have an important role in the creation of a sewing pattern. I spend a lot of time drafting the pattern and I test it in several sizes. When I'm satisfied with it I send all sizes to these amazing women who sew it and let their children try it on. They carefully evaluate the fit of the garment, and the pattern's instructions, and send pictures to me. 

I'm happy to show you some of the pictures here, just to inspire you and show how Alice can look in different fabrics and on different children :)

Note that the "knotting ends" are a bit longer in these versions than in the final pattern. 


Many thanks to everyone who participated this time! Here are their instagram profiles: @laurajohannan @trio_med_bus @leissadesign @pajzingdesign @virvelvi @meliciadesign @avidarand @mammasytt @byliljah @kalasfinbyaffe @made.in.angsholm @jolillao @majkiloo @cattiscreations @milwidesign @stewarts.design @ravenorakan

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