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Hi! I’m Caroline Mannegren, founder and owner of Threads by Caroline. Lovely to have you here! I'm very passionate about creativity, and sewing in particular. I want to coach you through the world of sewing, help you build your sewing skills and make clothes that you feel proud of. Let me tell you our story.



It all began when I, Caroline, was expecting my first child, in 2012. I wanted to sew for my baby but by then I hadn't sewn since the sewing classes in Junior high school and I really struggled to sew quite easy garments such as beanies and baby bibs. The seams turned out all wavy and several garments were never finished since neither I, my mother or mother-in-law understood the sewing instructions. I then wished I could be able to sew clothes I'd feel proud of and enjoy the process. 

The years went by and my love for and knowledge of sewing grew. After my second maternity leave I couldn't find a relevant job for myself (based on my education) and so I decided to turn sewing into my work. In May 2017 I released my first sewing pattern, the Olivia dress and tunic. Seeing the response to that pattern was amazing and I knew this was what I wanted to do. 

To cooperate with other people who love what they do and together create something awesome is one of the best things I know. My dream and goal is to lead a team of creative and talented people and together spread a love of creativity.

During the summer of 2020 I was joined by Frida Hermansson, who came to work for Threads by Caroline. Frida started as a pattern tester back in 2017 when we were testing the Lilly & Liam pattern and I had hired Frida several times over the years, for example as a creative sounding board for the Billy & Betty pattern, as stylist for a photo session, and to help out tying and preparing printed patterns for the shop. Together with me, Frida designs and makes our sewing patterns.  

We both love creating our own and our children's clothes, and we believe anyone can learn how to do it. No matter what your sewing skill level is, our patterns will be perfect for you to build your skills and have fun doing it. 

We work hard to make all our patterns be easy to use and have great fit. They should also be instructive as well as inspiring.

Thanks to the detailed and pedagogical tutorials you'll experience less fuss, and instead enjoy the process and be proud of the result.


CAROLINE MANNEGREN - (Wearing a Linnéa top above). Wife and mother of two amazing girls (born 2013 and 2015). I’m 34-years old, but seeing my oldest daughter start school makes me feel a lot older. Since sewing is both my work and hobby there’s honestly not much time left for other hobbies, but I do love to spend time being outdoors with my family (I mean nature is just gorgeous here in Sweden), reading, and the occasional spa-weekend or dinner date with close friends. I have a PhD in International Relations and a Masters’s Degree in Human Rights, but somehow I ended up sewing instead ;) (read Our Story above).

As owner of this small company I do several different things. Everything from designing and making patterns to marketing, graphic design, customer service and preparing our patterns for the warehouse.


FRIDA HERMANSSON(Wearing an Emma blouse above). 38-year old wife and mother of three kids. I have a teacher’s degree and work part time as an educator at a preschool. I’ve always been creative and loved creating in different areas but sewing is what really hooked me. During the past years sewing has become a big part of my life. I spent more and more time sewing, and also took a university class in pattern making. This brought even more depth and joy in sewing and I want to share it with more creative people out there.

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We'd love for you to join our Facebook group "Threads by Caroline - Sew and Tell". Here you can share pictures of what you’ve sewn. You can also ask questions about our patterns or just get inspired.

Do you put your sewing photos on Instagram? Use the hashtag #threadsbycaroline if you've used our patterns, we’d love to see what you’ve made!  


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