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Ester & Ebbe tester pics

Before the release of a new pattern, I receive help from a group of amazing testers. They sew the pattern, try it on their children/grandchildren and evaluate it. They also send lots of pictures to me, and I'm happy to share some here! 

Ester & Ebbe is a pattern that's free! You can get access to it by becoming a member of my Facebook group: "Threads by Caroline - Sew and Tell". Welcome!

Thanks to the lovely testers! Check out their instagram pages: @madeinslagsta, @leissadesign, @ateljeklingetorp, @majkiloo, @laurajohannan, @cirkus_karlsson, @rutigdesign, @avidarand, @trio_med_bus, @madebysmedberg, @pacha_by_sandra, @mammasytt, @iderik_design, @byliljah, @kalasfinbyaffe, @kariksdesign, @ravenorakan, @syttavkristin, @frackafritte, @jolillao.

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