Lo leggings with pockets

Josefine has sewn these leggings with our sewing pattern Lo, with pockets from our pattern Ester & Ebbe. I asked her to show and write about how she did it, I hope you feel inspired! 
Adding pockets to your leggings is an easy way to add some detail. You can make the pocket pattern yourself or add the chest pocket from the Ester & Ebbe pattern (join Caroline's Facebook grupp to get access to this pattern for free). For this tutorial I sewed Lo leggings in size 98 and used the smallest size of the pocket. 
You need the leggings pattern and page 11 and 12 from the Ester & Ebbe pattern. Cut out 2 pockets and interfacing for them. I made sure to center the ice cream symbols on my pockets. 
If you want som interfacing then cut that too. My interfacing is actually a bit too heavy and not stretchy so I only cut it as a frame which works for me. Otherwise you could interface the whole pocket, except for the seam allowance. 
Press and fold the edges of the pocket as instructed in the tutorial for Ester & Ebbe. 
I placed my pockets 3 cm from center back (that will place them 2 cm from the back rise seam) and 3 cm from the line for the waist cuff. Pin the pocket to the leggings or use textile glue. 
Topstitch the pockets to the leggings, one pocket for each leggings piece, before sewing the leggings together. 
When you sew the pocket to the leggings it can be good to use something stabilizing underneath. Here I used a piece of tearable interfacing (generally used for embroidery). But coffee filter can also work. You will tear this off after you've sewn.
Thank you so much Josefine for sharing with us how we can add pockets to our leggings! 
Make sure to check out Josefine's instagram page!