Pattern hack: Lace-up detail

Pattern hack: Lace-up detail

Our sewing pattern Victoria is designed to be sewn with a button closure in the back. But Ida (@iddypop) thought of a really gorgeous variation with this lace-up detail instead of buttons. And today she's here to show us how to do it.


The Victoria pattern is one of my absolute favorites! It's a simple pattern that looks very neat thanks to the lined bodice. I usually sew Victoria with snap buttons in the back bodice, but there's another simple modification you could make: eyelets and lace!


Cut out the fabric and start sewing Victoria according to the tutorial, but apply iron-on interfacing on the fabric where the eyelets will go. I usually use 1,5 cm wide strips of interfacing on both the outer fabric and the lining. 4 strips in total. 


Since I often try to pattern match the two back pieces it's important for me that both back pieces are kept in place when sewn together with the skirt (or pants if I'm making the jumpsuit). So before I sew together the bodice with the skirt/pants I sew a couple of stitches on the back bodices to keep them together. 

After the skirt is in place it's time to attach the eyelets. I measure carefully where to place them, the markings won't be visible after the eyelets are in place.


I love good tools that simplify difficult tasks. I make the holes in the fabric with hole punching pliers (they are unnecessarily advanced pliers normally used for paper diy). I use 5 mm large eyelets. In the pack there are two metal pieces that are supposed to be used for attaching the eyelets. Place them in your Prym pliers (if you have one... otherwise use the plastic piece in the pack and a hammer). However it's more difficult with a hammer, so if possible use the pliers.


Take the part of the eyelet that has like a tube and put it in the hole from the right side. Then put on the other part of the eyelet that looks like a ring. Make sure the ring has the right side up (it's more clearly illustrated on the pack). On these eyelets that I'm using the smooth side should be against the fabric. 

Pictured below is the wrong side of my back bodice.


Put all the eyelets in place on both sides of the back bodice.



When all the eyelets are in place it's time to pull through the lace or string. I often use satin lace. To make it easier to thread it through the eyelets I tape the ends of the lace. Pull it hard and tie a bow. 


Here are two finished dresses with eyelets and lace. One has the bow at the top, and the other at the bottom. 



A thousand thank you's to Ida for sharing this idea and tutorial!

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