Rolled and lettuce hem

In my patterns Victoria and Ester & Ebbe, you can choose to sew ruffles on the shoulders. And for these ruffles I think it is really cute to sew a rolled hem. The settings that you'll need to sew a rolled hem varies depending on which machine you're using, so check your manual! But here are some extra tips! 

Example A shows a rolled hem and how the seam will look if you let the machine feed the fabric when sewing. Example B shows a lettuce hem, which is more wavy. This is what you get if you pull the fabric towards you, away from the machine, while sewing. Choose whichever you like best!  


Personally I usually sew the rolled hem on my Brother 1034D serger. To prepare for that, I do the following:

1) Remove the left needle.

2) Remove the stitch finger.

3) Use these tension settings: 4 (right needle), 5 (upper looper), 7 (lower looper). 

4) Set the stitch width and stitch length to R.


Test a few settings and see what works for you! 

Good luck! 

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  • Tack så jätta mycket Äntligen hittar jag en där bredden inte är en femma för den finns ju inte. Du är grym. Måste köpa något mönstrer från dina. BTw Tack för inställningarna.


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