Tester pics of Hanna add-on

Tester pics of Hanna add-on

I've just released a new add-on pattern! (An add-on pattern is a pattern with additional pieces for another pattern. In this case the Hanna sweatshirt & sweatshirt dress). 

The add-on includes a hood; a sleeveless variant; and a kangaroo pocket. Great pieces for classic sweatshirt designs and trendy vests. 

Here's a sweatshirt vest I sewed with all the three added pieces! I used a scuba fabric.


I also sewed a dress, but this time only added the hood and pocket. The long sleeves are included in the original pattern. For this dress I used a brushed college fabric (french terry).


I asked a few of my pattern testers if they wanted to try it out before the release. And here's what they made!

Elin (@elfandy.collection) sewed a sweatshirt (variant B of the pattern) for her sister, in size 40. She used courtelle jersey fabric (also called ponte or ponte di roma). She sewed bishop sleeves and did a really cool color block (included in the original pattern), and added the hood and kangaroo pocket.


Ida (@avidarand) also made a sweatshirt, in size 34. She used college / french terry fabric. The long sleeves are in the original pattern. 


Charlotte (@trio_med_bus) sewed a sleeveless sweatshirt, or vest, in size 40. She used jogging/sweat fabric.


Karolina (@karolinaochsymaskinen) sewed a sleeveless sweatshirt, with a hood and kangaroo pocket, in size 48. Karolina sized up here, for a more oversize fit.


Sara (@lonn.design) made a sweatshirt in size 50, in ribbed velour. She added a hood and kangaroo pocket. 

I hope you'll love this add-on as much as I do!