The pattern testers' Ebba

The pattern testers' Ebba

We've already done a round-up of the testers Kids' Ebba photos - so now let's have a look at the women's Ebba pattern

First of all, here's the pattern's design options:


The pattern testers did a truly excellent job with the Ebba pattern. I loved seeing their fabric and color choices. As always, they also provide me with feedback and I in turn make improvements before the pattern release.

Now to the best part: their photos! 

Anja made this sweatshirt in size 32 for her daughter. She used french terry fabrics.


And also one for herself, size 50, to match her daughter.


Fanny made size 40 in college fabrics. And she also took the opportunity to sew for her kids with the Kids' Ebba pattern.


Karolina sewed size 44 in fleece and teddy fabrics.


Frida sewed a sweatshirt in size 34, using college fabrics. She also made one for her son with the Kids' Ebba pattern.


Jenny sewed size 44 in denim fabrics, re-purposing old jeans.


Emma sewed size 48 i various college fabrics.


Kim sewed size 42 using teddy fabric.


Ulrika sewed size 40 in a woven poplin fabric.


Damaris sewed size 42 in looped college fabrics.


Nicole sewed size 36 in french terry fabrics.
Charlotte made size 40 in brushed college fabrics.
Daniela made size 40 in fleece fabrics. She also sewed a sweatshirt for her daughter with the Kids' Ebba pattern.


Malin sewed size 40 in wool pile.


Emma sewed size 38 in a corduroy like knit fabric.

And she also sewed a size 32 for her daughter. 

Laura sewed size 40. She used a light-weight woven fabric combined with softshell (the sleeve panels).
Sofia sewed size 42 in sweatshirt fabrics.
Matilda sewed size 46 in a college fabric.


Yasmina made a sweatshirt in size 42, using french terry fabrics.


Josefine sewed a size 36 for her daughter, using a polyester knit. 

Ida sewed size 48 in a looped college fabric.
Kristin made size 36 in college fabrics.