The pattern testers' Kids' Ebba

The pattern testers' Kids' Ebba

Kids' Ebba is a sweatshirt pattern sewn with a collar and half zip (or just a neckband if you prefer that). The lower edge can be finished in 3 ways: with a waistband; hemmed; or hemmed with a drawstring. 

It's always with feelings of excitement and, yes a bit of tension that I send out a brand new pattern to be tested. But my pattern testers are really lovely. They provide brilliant feedback which really help me make the patterns better before they're released.

Anyhow, here's a few of their photos! I'm sure you will get inspired by their makes just as I do :) We'll start with the smallest size and work our way up.

Laura sewed size 80 in college fabrics.


Malin made size 86, using college fabrics.

Daniela also sewed size 86, in college fabrics and velour.
Matilda made two Ebba sweatshirts. They are size 86 and 116. The fabrics are velour and college.


Emma sewed size 98, in college fabrics.


Frida sewed size 92/98, in college fabrics. And also one for herself with the women's Ebba pattern, in size 34.

Ulrika sewed a size 98 in french terry.
Anna made size 104, in french terry.
Johanna sewed size 98 lengthened to 104, using fleece fabrics (re-purposing fleece blankets).
Fanny sewed size 110, in college fabrics. 
Josefine made size 110, lengthened to 122. She used college fabrics.
Sofia sewed size 128, in sweatshirt fabric.
Amelie sewed size 122/134 and she used college fabrics.
Josefine sewed size 128/134, in college fabrics.
Ida made size 122/140 and she used college fabrics.
Kristin sewed size 140 in college fabrics.
Nele sewed size 140 using french terry fabrics.
And last but not least, Malin sewed size 152 in sweatshirt fabric.
Eager to make your own Kids' Ebba sweathirts?