Women's Alice tester pics

Finally it's time to show you the tester's pictures of the Women's Alice! There were 33 women who sewed and evaluated the Women's Alice before it was released, and I'm so glad I can show you some of their pictures.

On some of the pictures you can see that they've sewn Alice with a long sleeve. In the final version of this pattern, it is only available with 3/4 sleeves and short sleeves. 







Thank you so much to all testers who participated this time!! Alexandra V, Alexandra L, Annika, Charlotte, Christina, Elin A, Elin L, Emma, Emmelie, Erika, Frida K, Frida H, Ida, Isabella, Jane, Jenny A, Jenny B, Josefine, Julia, Karin A, Karin A, Karolina, Kristin, Laura, Linda, Madeleine, Maria, Martina, Mona, Olivia, Pernilla, Sofia och Ulrika.