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Test sewing


The Elsa & Elliot coat!

Deadline: Sunday 17th.
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Please wait for my "go ahead" to post pictures of the coat on social media. 



- Variant A: pp. 1-24, 37-44
- Variant B: pp. 1-8, 12-44


Files to download:

Pattern in English, A4/letter size. Pattern in English, A0 size. Tutorial in English.

Mönster på svenska. Sömnadsbeskrivning på svenska.

The design


Pictures of some of my latest variants

1) The red rain coat (size 104) is sewn in "rain coat fabric" and lined with polyester jersey. 


2) The softshell coat (size 86) is sewn in softshell fabric and lined with mesh (Swedish: hålväv/mesh).


3) The pink coat (size 116) is sewn in wool fabric (80% wool, 20% polyester), and lined with satin/acetate (Swedish: acetat). 

Note that the wool coat is sewn in 1-2 sizes too large on width (which I realized too late). So the fit of the coat is best reflected in the rain coat and softshell coat.